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In 2005, APE and Massimo Rossetti began working together to produce a new brand, Parajumpers. Massimo Rossetti has many years of experience as a fashion designer, and he is also the importer of the American brand market in Italy, Parajumpers is personally designed. In 2006, Parajumpers launched in the market, it only have three men's and women's jacket, but enough to make it quickly become an international reference point of jackets.

Massimo Rossetti made a great contribution for the Italian sportswear fashion development and dissemination. All the design for Parajumpers is to make the jacket more functional. This jacket is made of durable nylon, it has a detachable filling lining and fur cap.

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Parajumpers has been evolving in the fashion arena, now it has a variety of styles, but each of them have a same feature, they are still fascinating. In recent years, more and more cold in winter, anyway, you need a high quality down jacket.